poniedziałek, 28 grudnia 2015

"Don't act like a child, the reality is different"

I don't know about you, but I hear those words almost every day.
One of my qualities ,if you can call it that, is to be incorrect dreamer. I don't know whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage, but it was, is, and I think it will.  Quite frankly, they are unusual, and I know it well! I'm not talking about that I want to be Batman or have paranormal abilities. I already have enough years to know what is feasible to realize, I also have so many years that my peers still don't think so seriously about life as I do. But is that so wrong? I'm aware that it will not be easy for me, but all the people around me ,who supposedly care about me, don't help me that when they say 'are you crazy?' 'stupid plan' 'There is no option to do it!'. That you have a dream, it is great. To be able to dream is one of the most valuable skills in life. Some people can't do that, and they are just jealous. Terribly hurts me is that I don't have the support of others ... anyone. I'm dependent on each other, but I'm not going to give up. Maybe it all has some strength? I have more motivation;) Just because someone failed to reach the target and didn't seize your chance, it doesn't mean that I have to go wrong. Right?
Never give up, even when something goes wrong, by the way back to the previous post, and so one day it succeed.

Philosophy for today?
No one will decide about your happiness except you.

Remember that.


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sobota, 26 grudnia 2015

Don't Worry Be Happy?

Seriously? Bull Shit.

The goal of each of us is to be happy. But will it would be so beautiful? Until certainly. I asked a few people from my surroundings, which gives them happiness...now you probably think 'easy question'. ... It turns out that not quite. I heard answers like 'family,friends', but the vast majority of people said 'money'. WTF. Of course, they are VERY important but are they the greatest source of happiness? Our happiness depends on what we think and not from what we have. It is also essential approach to the problem. 
Moment...What I aspire...
Each of us had, has and will have a problem. At such moments we want to just end it all,we asking yourself, 'When will this hell end?', to by HAPPY. And one day we will tray...but don't worry, just for a while. Then it begins again!
And that's it! Without these problems, we wouldn't know what means happiness. It would be a normal feeling for us. We have to sometimes be sad, to appreciate them.

P. Philosophy for today?
Appreciate problems to appreciate happiness.